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Bud Selig must go!


Just a partial list of the infractions against baseball and its fans during Bud Selig's watch includes the following:

  • Faster balls =  inflated home run averages

  • Opening day not in America

  • Tie in 2002 All-Star

  • Cancelled the 1994 World Series

  • Lowered the pitching mound

  • Narrowed the strike zone

  • Built smaller parks to encourage home runs (e.g. Minute Maid)

  • Historically lax on steroids testing, and though he's said he'll start testing, we've yet to see him do so.

  • Approved sale of Red Sox to 3rd highest bidder

  • Switched his team (Brewers) to other league but wants to eliminate other teams (contraction)

  • Shady bookkeeping